2020 projects

Writing projects and commissions

Currently compiling NZ dance performance calendar. This will be regularly updated with new listings and will have links to published reviews as these become available. January-March 2020; April-June (online performances known as Covid-19 Online Festival); July – September (indeed there are going to be live performances here!)

Published/commissioned reviews will be listed here.

Review: Cold Blood – 11-14 March, ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland Arts Festival. Published in NZ Herald (paywalled) – read the review.

Review: Snow White, Ballet Preljocaj, 11-15 March, Aotea Centre, Auckland Arts Festival. Published in NZ Herald (paywalled) – read the review.

Review: This Fragile Planet at Auckland Town Hall, and I KnowWhat I’m Doing at Q Loft. Read these reviews (NZ Herald, paywalled)

Review: EMERALD – flamenco theatre at Q Loft and TAPAC – read the review (NZ Herald, paywalled)

Regular issues of PubSource which I compile can be read on the Coko Foundation website [NB new issues are currently paused]

Editing projects and commissions

Book Sprints Limited – our project dates forhave been greatly affected by Covid-19 lockdowns around the world. 90% of our already confirmed Sprints were postponed pending new dates later in the year. Some are going ahead during lockdown/quarantine periods on a fully virtual basis with extended time frames.

I am providing copy editing and proofreading services for the following projects :
* Library of Congress project (during October)
* Cloud networking/troubleshooting project (during September)
* Hewlett Packard project ( during August)
* Red Hat Digital Transformation (during July)
* Red Hat OpenShift Security (completed during April with book & ebook sold on amazon.com)
* Technische Universität Berlin, exploring support for strategic and innovative campus development (completed during March.)

Theatreview Trust – we ctinued working throughout Lockdown in New Zealand, keeping our writers informed about online performance viewing opportunities and encouraging them to respond on the website.

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