The Cost of Freedom

by Raewyn Whyte

The Cost of Freedom, developed by 44 writers with support from Book Sprints Limited. Marseille,  France November 2015
This book was created as an attempt to free Bassel Khartabil Sadafi, loved and celebrated Internet volunteer detained in Syria since 15 March 2012. His name was deleted from the Adra Prison’s register where he was detained, on 3 October 2015 but his exact fate is not as yet known.  His friends and family have been urging for his release and want him back to his normal life and freedom, immediately.  44 contributors, including 12 on-site book sprinters, wrote, compiled, and edited more than 50 original contributions, including paintings, poems, personal reflections, critical observations, polemical pieces, theoretical treatises and calls for action about moving within and living with free culture and all its complexities, as well as personal texts about Bassel Khartabil.
You can download the book freely under a Creative Commons license  at

(I was the remote copy editor for this Book Sprint, working online from New Zealand).

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