Looking back on 2015

by Raewyn Whyte

There are many ways to sum up a year. This is a summary in progress. Some things are easier to quantify so I am doing that bit first(!)

This list of “things I did” during 2015 will be slowly added to.

  •  copy edited/proofread and reported back on 12 books created through the Book Sprints process
  • wrote the index for Performing Indigenous Culture on Stage and Screen. by Dr Marianne Schultz, forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan (2016)
  • proofread and/or copy edited a number of (mostly successful) grant applications and technical documents for five private clients
  • wrote 22 performance reviews (dance and/or comedy) published in Danz Magazine and Theatreview
  • live-broadcasted 3 dance reviews on Radio New Zealand Concert’s Upbeat, subsequently made available as podcasts
  • edited and posted (and arranged and coordinated) 176 dance reviews for Theatreview, and managed the booking of Theatreview’s International Comedy Festival reviews in Auckland and Wellington
  • distributed 1040 (or more) announcements to NZ Dance News mailing list
  • continued as a member of the 3-person  Artistic Advisory Panel for Footnote New Zealand Dance for a second year
  • read 175 mystery novels, mostly as ebooks  (up to 18 December 2015)
  • saw 42 dance performances (plus 2 comedy and 5 theatre performances) and observed 15 or so works in progress at private showings


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