2016 Publications

Book Sprints 2016

 I provided  remote copy editing and proofreading services for the following 9 projects:

December 2016
Guide for the development of electoral codes of conduct
Seven facilitators of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance gathered in Bern, Switzerland to write a guidebook for facilitators who work with political parties to develop codes of conduct for upcoming elections.

November 2016
Handbook on Liquefied Natural Gas in Africa|
A group of international experts organised by the US Energy Association and the US Department of Energy came together in Maryland to create a handbook for African governments wanting to set up natural gas development projects.  The book can be downloaded here.

August 2016
Quality Infrastructure Investment Partnership Operations Manual
A small team came together at the Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) of the World Bank  to produce their new manual.

June 2016
Treasure Hunt – How Good Financial Governance can support resource-endowed countries in achieving the SDGs
  (Bad Hof, Germany )
Ten contributors from GIZ (Germany’s agency for international development cooperation) came together to create this guide to good financial governance in the extractive sector, continuing a series promoting best practice in the minerals, oil and gas sectors in African countries.

 April 2016
A Modern, Open, and Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN (
San Jose, California )
Thirteen CISCO engineers came together tow write a guide to Cisco’s new cloud networking technology which offers operators of multi-tenant clouds the possibility to scale their networks, adding increased flexibility for the demands of cloud networking.

 April 2016
F5 BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager Operations Guide
 ( San Jose, California)
AFM is a high-performance, full-proxy network firewall designed to guard data centres against incoming threats that enter the network. The aim of this guide is to provide the best customer experience possible keeping the AFM healthy. This guide includes recommended maintenance, tuning, and monitoring procedures. It will be extremely helpful to assist customers with keeping their BIG-IP optimised, and performing as designed.

February 2016
Power Purchase Agreement Handbook, Part 2: Financing Power (Marrakech, Morocco )
USAID’s Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) and the African Legal Support Facility brought together 18 contributors  to create a follow-on handbook to the Power Purchase Agreement handbook developed in a Sprint in November 2014. This Part 2 handbook tackles the financing challenges of power projects and gives advice to governments on the different options they can take into account in a PPA – the legal agreement that governs the sale and purchase of power.  The book can be downloaded here.

February 2016
[XYZ] OS10 Open Edition User Guide
 (Santa Clara, California)
With a month til their new product is launched, 15 [XYZ] networking engineers came together in a Book Sprint to produce the user’s guide to their next-generation OS10 Open Edition networking software which has been designed to introduce new levels of software flexibility and programmability in large-scale data centre environments.

January 2016
Changemakers: Educating with Purpose
 (Salt Lake City, Utah)
The first Book Sprint for 2016 brought together 12 experienced and inspiring educators representing the Ashoka  Foundation and 100 Changemaker Schools, educational institutions that prioritise the cultivation of empathy, teamwork, leadership, and social entrepreneurship in their students. The group created a very useful guidebook for other educators wanting to implement similar practices in their schools. The book is available from Amazon:  http://a.co/hq6jrEB

Other editing projects

Helped to set up and launch new blog PagedMedia for which I am the editor, on 24 September  2016. The blog’s mission is to encourage innovation in ebook publishing.  [Visit the blog]

Provision of blog services (copy cleaning) to two US-based clients.

Reviews 2016 – I wrote 24 reviews

NZ Herald Online, 26 Nov 2016 – review of BRIEFS “The World’s Hottest All-Male Boylesque Circus Spectacular” at Q Theatre 23 November 2016
All male burlesque is a Christmas treat
Briefs is everything it promises: it’s an exuberant, audacious, spectacular, risqué, loud and fabulously costumed boylesque cabaret presented by seven accomplished artistes who each have unique contributions to make.
[ Read the review ]

NZ Herald Online 3 Nov 2016 – review of AS NIGHT FALLS – Black Grace- Herald Theatre 1 Nov 2016
As Night Falls puts dancers through their paces
But when the bright lights shine down, their sculptural muscularity is revealed and their ability to flow through demanding, intricate, detailed passages of movement at a punishingly fast pace reveals they are highly trained dancers. [  Read the review]

NZ  Herald Online,  19 October 2016 – review of TAUMATA: 4 New Works – a Tempo Showcase – Q Theatre Rangatira, 15 October 2016
New dance works met with applause and cheers
Sarah Foster-Sproull’s Sisters of the Back Crow was a tautly intimate, ceaselessly
roving, powerful trio co-developed with the dancers. Wearing simple sheaths of black or red, the women appeared to change identity by the moment, from sisters or friends to priestess and goddesses, or perhaps the mythological Furies.   
[Read the review]

NZ Herald Online 18 October – review of MEREMERE – Rodney Bell and Movement of the Human- Q Theatre Loft, 14 Oct 2016
Homecoming celebrated in beguiling dance work
Bell has now returned and celebrates his homecoming in Meremere, a beautifully crafted hour of beguiling storytelling interspersed with gentle audience interaction, wheelchair tricks, dancing with shadows and interactive lines of light or against video clips, with a continuous stream of gorgeous live music from Eden Mulholland.   – [Read the review]

NZ Herald Online, 18 Oct 2016 – review of BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL – Auckland Theatre Company, ASB Waterfront Theatre, 13 October 2016. Truncated version.  [Read the expanded review]

DANZ Magazine 12 October 2016 – review of VU by Vou Dance (Fiji) at Q Theatre, 8 October 2016
VU: Disturbing, perturbing, challenging
The performers, Eleni Tabua, Navi Fong, Rusiate Rokilibau, and Tevita Tobeyaweni, are deeply immersed in the rituals they are performing, and there is no doubting their commitment… there is a sense that the work has deep cultural significance for the performers – a significance which onlookers can only guess at.   [Read the review]

Theatreview 10 October 2016 – review of OUT OF THE BOX at Q Theatre, 9 October 2016
Ever-popular and uber-impressive
There’s lots of fragmentation, fleeting reminders of once dominant styles such as popping and locking, robotics and gliding, and a sprinkle of zombie walks and moves stolen from silent movie capers. There’s also an edginess that comes from quick, short phrases tossed about on the spot.  [Read the review]

Theatreview  6 October 2016 – review of INSOLENT RIVER: a tango (second cast), Q Theatre 5 October 2016
Alternate casting offers subtle interpretive differences
A 90-minute work, Insolent River has an episodic structure, with individual sections of varying lengths and changes of music (a sound score composed by David Downes with interpolated tracks) and subtle lighting (by Sean Curham) which keep your interest moving along with the dancers. And even though it is a thirty-year-old work, with long sections of non-referential movement, the sensitively responsive performances by both casts absolutely hold your attention.  [Read the review]

NZ Herald Online,  6 October 2016 – Review of INSOLENT RIVER: a tango (first cast), Q Theatre 4 October 2016
Historic dance work captivates audiences 30 years after debut
From start to finish, 90 minutes later, performers Josie Archer and Aloalii Tapu utterly held audience attention as they danced their way through Michael Parmenter’s Insolent River: a tango which opened Tempo Dance Festival 2016.     [Read the review]

NZ Herald Weekend magazine and online,  1 September 2016 – review of GISELLE by the Royal NZ Ballet at ASB Theatre, 31 August 2016
Simply superb in every way
Revisioned by Ethan Stiefel and Johan Kobborg, this version of the 1841 classic presents 21st-century ballet technique and a naturalism in performance that makes the story emotionally convincing. The action is attentively matched to the repeating melodies and motifs of the score by Adolph Adam which carry the tale along, played beautifully on this occasion by the APO conducted by Marc Taddei.    [ Read the review]

NZ Herald Online on 4 August 2016 – review of MIA BLONDE ICE DAGGER by Dynamotion  at The Basement Theatre, 3 Aug 2016
Madcap capers in Bond tradition
Dynamotion’s fifth comedy-dance show, Mia Blonde in Ice Dagger is a winner, a saucy and escapist sequence of interactions between ridiculous characters, interlaced with high octane tongue-in-cheek ensemble dancing. The audience is captivated from the very first blast of music and keeps laughing, cheering, and responding to the beat of eminently danceable tunes till the show is all over.  [ Read the review]

All My Own Words on 7 July 2016  – review of SUNSET AFFAIR at The Basement Theatre Studio, 7 July 2016
Novel, zany, melancholic, ingenious
A river of apricot silk, old-fashioned roller skates, and a large self-inflating air mattress are key objects of attention in a mixed bill of short contemporary dance works by local independent choreographers this week at the Basement Theatre. Collectively titled Sunset Affair, the three works share a melancholic feel, yet each is in its own way novel and zany, and you can’t help feeling uplifted by the creative ingenuity which is so evident in their crafting. [
Read the review]

NZ Herald Online on 6 July 2016 – review – MANAIA by Atamira Dance Company, Q Theatre Loft, Auckland
Myth allows dancers to soar
Atamira Dance Company’s 2016 development season, Manaia, presents three short works which engage with some aspect of that mythological entity, a bird-headed man most often found as a carved design motif in buildings, stone and pounamu jewellery.  [Read the review]

Theatreview, 2 July 2016  – review – MIDDLE EASTERN MEMORIES, Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Auckland
Charismatic dancer brings Cairo to Auckland
The dancing of guest artist  Joana Saahirah (Egypt) seems largely improvised yet is clearly well informed by a rich understanding of the structures, elements and values of traditional and conventional  Egyptian dance.  Her movements show utter control of her own body and all the refinements of shimmy, shiver, quiver, vibrate, and ripple, back bend, head whip, arm ripple… and so on that you could possibly imagine, all interlaced with the gestures and signifiers of metropolitan living which flicker through via micro-movements.  As you watch you feel as if there’s a whole city there with her on stage….  [Read the review   and the unexpected blog response from performer Joana Saahirah]

NZ Herald Online 30 June 2016 – review – NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER – NDT1 at The Civic, Auckland
Dancers provide exhilarating viewing
The splendid dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater’s company NDT1 received a standing ovation on the opening night of their Auckland season, an acknowledgement of their stellar performance. Their New Zealand debut, this almost three-hour show presents four extraordinarily complex contemporary ballets created in the past 15 years, providing much to think about.  [Read the review]

Theatreview 22 March 2016 – review – THE WHOLEHEARTED – Massive Company, Mangere Arts Centre, Auckland.
Exemplary commitment
In this new devised production, The Wholehearted, codirected by Sam Scott and Scotty Cotter, questions about love and what it is to be true to yourself are brought into focus, along with a multitude of interlinked emotions, ideas, and states of mind and being which tend to be experienced in similar ways, despite social and cultural differences. [Read the review]

Theatreview on 18 March 2016 – review – NIXON IN CHINA – APO with NZ Opera and Auckland Arts Festival 2016
Triumphantly directed
United States President Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1972 to meet with Premier Chou En Lai and Chairman Mao Zedong was a momentous occasion, far-reaching in its consequences for East-West relationships, the future political economy of Communist Russia and the course of the Vietnam War.  [Read the review]

Theatreview 17 March 2016 – review – CHANGES – Black Grace with dancers from T.H.E. Company (Singapore) Sky City Theatre, Auckland
Constancy and change, embattlement and death – new works in development
The strongest elements of Constancy and Change, performed by six dancers from Black Grace and the three dancers from T.H.E. Company, arise from the juxtaposition of often very stylistically different movement sequences of individual dancers, the melding of these styles into shared phrases in occasional group sequences, and an extended duet between Ruby Alai’i, in plaid shirt and jeggings, and Mi Wu in burgundy shirt and grey corduroy pants. [Read the review]

Theatreview on 16 March 2016 – review – BIGMOUTH – Valentijn Dhaenens, Loft at Q Theatre
Virtuoso voice artistry
The rhetorical structures and ploys common to most of Dhaenens’ samples are straightforward — words are quietly spoken, whispered or shouted. Open-ended questions are asked, or questions asked and answered. Keywords and phrases are repeated with increasing emphasis. Situations are described to arouse strong emotion; and hyperbole, misrepresentation, irony, metaphor, and ad hominem attacks are all used to help persuade listeners of the reasonableness of the appeals being delivered. [Read the review]

DANZ Magazine 16 March 2016 – review – RUAUMOKO – Atamira Dance Company with the APO and students from local schools, Civic Theatre
Ticking all the boxes
Ruaumoko was guided by the now well-established formula underlying similar large-scale earlier projects Sacre, Fireworks, Takarangi and Te Manu Ahi/Firebird, with the APO playing live for the performance, and with professional designers creating the look and feel of the show, and production staff ensuring the event ran smoothly.  [Read the review]

Theatreview 10 March 2016 – review – WAVES –  Alice Mary Cooper, Loft at Q Theatre, Auckland
An inspiring tale of discovery, goal-setting and not giving up
As the narrator, Cooper passes on Elizabeth’s story as it was told to her, being at once herself and Elizabeth, smoothly switching voices and personas in the process of recalling the various significant incidents which Elizabeth has shared with her. [Read the review]

DANZ Magazine 8 March 2016 – review – MARAMA – The Conch, Q Theatre, Auckland
Call to action needs to be extended
The narrative arc of this production is clear, from dawn to dusk, and overnight to the day beyond that. The first day stretches for aeons of peaceful, harmonious, repetitiously structured habitation, brought to life by a quartet of Pasifika women who animate the space with dance and song and ritual and taonga. The final night and morning bring a fifth woman and chaotic contemporary reality. [Read the review]

Theatreview 3 March 2016 – review – SPEED OF LIGHT – The Royal NZ Ballet, Sky City Theatre, Auckland
Dancers exult in challenging triple bill
The centerpiece of the programme is the marvelous post-Balanchinian master work, In The Middle Somewhat Elevated (1987) by William Forsythe, set to a pulsing, dramatic and at times electrifying industrial electronica score by Thom Willems […] This modern classic is now a benchmark work, and it is truly satisfying to see the clarity and precision and finely nuanced delivery the Company’s sleekly lycra-clad dancers bring to it. [Read the review]

Theatreview 6 February 2016 – review – QUIDAM by Cirque du Soleil – Vector Arena, Auckland
Alienation, Outstanding Circus Acts, and a Happy Ending
The aerial work is hung from a purpose-built curving steel structure, the télépherique, which arches right up into the roof of the stadium, amazingly high, and extends out over the audience. Five pairs of rails provide sliding aerial anchor points, enabling performers to appear magically and disappear into the darkness rather than having to walk across the bed of the stage. Red silks drop down for a contortionist to entwine herself in. Sturdy ropes appear for five acrobats in the  Spanish Web ensemble … and gleaming metal hoops materialise for a splendid trio of aerialists who pivot and balance, twirl and swing, and lie along the rim of the hoops as they are raised and lowered. [ 
Read the review]

Articles 2016

NZ Herald, 5 Nov 2016 – preview article – Touch Compass short film exhibition and children’s performance series at Mairangi Arts Centre, 2-13 November 2016.
Life-changing moments are the focus of an extraordinary film and performance series at Mairangi Arts Centre by dance company Touch Compass. Eight short films reveal a triumph over adversity, and one – Renee Ball’s story of paralysis and rehabilitation, is now showing on Air NZ’s long-haul flights. Others include, as the basis for their inspiration, bullying, the challenge of Outward Bound’s big adventure and a moving tribute from dancer Lusi Faiva to her foster parents, who found ways to help her communicate when, early in her life, she could not talk.  Read the article ]

Preview of Tempo Dance Festival 2016 at Q Theatre from 4-16 October 2016
Published in NZ Herald Weekend magazine  30 September 2016
Michael Parmenter’s groundbreaking work leads the way in the Tempo Dance Festival
Dance fans from throughout New Zealand are flocking to Auckland this week to see a long-awaited revival of Michael Parmenter’s Insolent River: a tango which opens this year’s Tempo Dance Festival.     [Read the article]

Preview article – Seduction, Betrayal: the Royal NZ Ballet’s GISELLE
Published in the NZ Herald Weekend magazine on 27 August 2016
… Guest artist Daniel Gaudiello is much respected for his technical skills coupled with his acting ability. He recently left the Australia ballet to pursue new activities but leapt at the chance to dance in this production of Giselle.
“Part of me loves the darkness of it, the tragedy, the way  it demands I portray the full range of emotions. People can tell I really am hurting in the dance to death, that even my arms hurt from pushing everything into it. I see my life flashing before my eyes, and the emotion comes in waves. Like going to a funeral, you know you just have to get through it. It’s a great challenge.”

Preview article – The two futures of dance are poles apart – THE ABSURDITY OF HUMANITY double bill by the New Zealand Dance Company 
Published in NZ Herald, Saturday 20 August
The New Zealand Dance Company’s double bill, The Absurdity of Humanity, brings together two works that offer two alternate visions of the future.Matter, by Ross McCormack, explores a world inhabited by a small band of people who come across five pole-like structures; Whispers from Pandora’s Box, by Lina Limosani, considers the aftermath of opening the mythical Pandora’s Box and the impact of the evils let loose on the world.     [ Read the article]

Other items – panels, podcasts and blog posts

Panelist in conversation about the significance of reviewing, Dance Aotearoa New Zealand national dance hui Together Moving Forward, at TAPAC, Auckland, 22 November 2016.

Podcast – overview of Tempo Dance Festival on Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, Radio NZ National, 6 October 2016 – listen to the commentary

Live review & podcast – LUMINA – The New Zealand Dance Company, Mahurangi – broadcast on National Radio’s  Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, 9 May 2016 [Listen to the podcast ]

The Joy of Reading Mystery Novels (a blog post)

Live review & podcast –The Wholehearted by Massive Company at Mangere Arts centre, Auckland – broadcast on National Radio’s  Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, 21 March 2016 .[Listen to the podcast]