97 productions in next 2 months in Auckland!

23 January 2017

For the past three weeks,  I have been compiling a master list of Auckland dance and theatre-related performance events (cirque, cabaret, comedy, site specific, performance installations, outdoors performances and so on)  during February and March 2017.  I need a master list so I can put out the call for reviewers for Theatreview and keep track of which events we are able to cover with reviews.

Currently, the total is 97 events, a combination of productions in Auckland Pride Festival 2017,  Aroha 17 Festival, Auckland Fringe 2017,  Auckland Arts Festival 2017,  Auckland Outdoor Shakespeare Festival 2017,  the PopUp Globe Second Season,  plus other shows which are being presented outside of the festivals during February and March 2017. They won’t all want to be reviewed, of course, and quite probably we won’t have enough reviewers to cover everything needed, but a schedule hs to be made, all the same.

I have so far found reviewers for 30% of those shows… more call outs will be needed.

If you need a copy of the master list, or would be interested in joining the review team, please contact me.

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