Robot reporting – an update

I have been keeping an eye on the phenomenon of robot reporters (aka newsbots) for almost a decade.  Over time, technological “advances” have made into a reality what was once unimaginable –an algorithmic process converts harvested data into straightforward summary-type texts  through use of Artificial Intelligence technology. Those in favor of making use of newsbots argue that doing so ostensibly leaves human journalists free to handle more complex news stories, feature writing, and investigative reporting. 

Here are some links to recent news stories — mostly written by humans.

Robot Journalists Are Taking Over the Associated Press Newsroom

Five robot reporters to churn out 30,000 local stories a month…/robot-reporters-to-churn-out-30-000-local-stories-a-month…/meet-the-robot-reporters-how-ai-is-disrupting-jo..

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