2019 NZ Dance performance calendar with review links Jan – March 2019

Please send event information and review links to be added – raewyn@allmyownwords.co.nz
Follow these links for April – June 2019; July- September 2019; October – December 2019

4 Feb, EDWA Auckland – Darkness, Tru Paraha/Tallulah Holly-Massey/Kyah Dove, Basement Studio 8pm. Review: Theatreview
5 Feb, EDWA Auckland – Generation, Alana Yee, Dance Plant Collective, Vicky Kapo, Basement Studio 8pm. Review: Theatreview
5 Feb, EDWA Auckland – Story & Destroy, Josie Archer, Audio Foundation, 10pm. Review: Theatreview
7 Feb, EDWA Auckland – Women Voicing, Claire O’Neil, Cathy Livermore, Julia Harvie, Basement Studio 8pm. Review: Theatreview
7-15 Feb, Ak Pride Fest – Night of the Queer, Luck & Schooney, TAPAC. Review: Theatrescenes
8 Feb, EDWA Auckland – Embodied contemplation, Josh Rutter, Josie Archer, Basement Studio 8pm. Review: Theatreview
9 Feb, EDWA Auckland – Juxtapositions, Zahra Killeen-Chance, Aloalii Tapu, Basement Studio 8pm. Reviews: Part 1 Theatreview; Part 2,Theatreview
Experimental Dance Week Auckland 2019. Round Up Review: DANZ Magazine; The Pantograph Punch
15 Feb -17 Mar, Auckland – KOOZA, Cirque du Soleil, Alexandra Park. Reviews: Theatreview, Theatrescenes
15 &16 Feb, Auckland – HEMISPHERES, Footnote & Guangdong Modern Dance Company (China), Bruce Mason Centre, 7pm. Reviews: NZ Herald, Theatreview
19 Feb, Palmerston North – HEMISPHERES, Footnote & Guangdong Modern Dance Company (China), Regent on Broadway 6.30pm Koha. Review: DANZ Magazine
19 Feb, Ak Fringe – Oil and Water, Amy Taylor and Co. Pumphouse Theatre 7.30pm
19 Feb – 3 Mar, Ak Fringe – Mistranslation Laboratory, Alys Longley, val smith, Jeffrey Holdaway. Basement Theatre then Britomart, various times
20-21 Feb, Ak Fringe – CLASH, Mangere Arts Centre 7.30pm.
20-24 Feb, Wellington – Te Matatini, Westpac Stadium
21-22 Feb, Ak Fringe – The Matter of Fascia, Kerstin Kussmaul et al. Lake Rototoa, South Head
21-23 Feb, Ak Fringe – Life, Love & Dark Energy flamenco ensemble. TAPAC 7.30pm. Review: NZHerald
21 Feb – 3 Mar, Performance Arcade – check website for dates and times, locations – SOLILOQUY, Jess Quaid & Daniel James. Wellington Waterfront. Review: Theatreview
21-24 Feb. Performance Arcade – check website for dates and times, locations – AVE. Ufitia Sagapolutele. Wellington Waterfront
21-24 Feb, Ak Fringe – Movement of the Human, MOTH, Concert Chamber various times. Reviews: Theatreview; Theatrescenes; NZ Herald
22 Feb, Pussy Riot, Auckland Town Hall. Reviews: Theatreview; Theatrescenes
23 Feb, Ak Fringe – Maui, Freshmans Dance Crew, Concert Chamber 5pm. Review: Theatrescenes
23 Feb, Ak Fringe – K-Pop Party, Rina Chae et al, Ak Town Hall 8pm Reviews: Theatreview
24 Feb, Christchurch – HEMISPHERES, Footnote & Guangdong MDC (China), Isaac Theatre Royal, 6.30pm, Koha. Review: Theatreview
24 & 25 Feb Feb, Ak Fringe – Mary’s Room, Neža Jamnikar et al. Old Folks Hall 7pm; 5pm & 7pm
26 Feb, Dunedin – HEMISPHERES, Footnote & Guangdong MDC (China). Regent Theatre, 6.30pm, Koha. Review: Theatreview
26-28 Feb, Ak Fringe – Le Aerial, Q Theatre, 7pm
26 Feb – 2 Mar, Ak Fringe – Rosemary, Rosie Tapsell and Jazmine Rose, Basement Studio 6pm. Reviews: Theatreview;Theatrescenes
27-28 Feb, Hamilton Gardens AF – HE PIKO HE TANIWHA, Riverside Terrace, Hamilton Gardens 6pm. Review: Theatreview
27-28 Feb, Ak Fringe – Inflated Rebel, Soft Co (Jessie McCall & Rose Philpott), Mcdermott Photo Studio 8pm
27 Feb – 1 Mar, Ak Fringe – Oire/Village, Aue Dance Company, Te Oro, Glen Innes, 7pm. Review: DANZ Magazine
27 Feb – 2 Mar, Ak Fringe – Degrees of Separation, emerging dance artists, Studio One, Toi Tu, 7pm. Review: Theatreview; DANZ Magazine
28 Feb – 1 March, Hamilton Gardens AF – Sheltering Moves. Pacific Crystal Palace, Hamilton, 6pm. Review: Theatreview
28 Feb – 3 March, Hamilton Gardens AF – Back of the Bus, Java Dance Theatre, Gardens Car Park 2, multiple times. Review: Theatreview
28 Feb – 3 Mar, Performance Arcade – THURSDAY, Borderline Arts Ensemble, Wellington Railway Staion 28 FEB – 1 MAR, 4PM/7PM; 2 – 3 MAR, 12PM/2PM. Review: Theatreview (1); Theatreview (2); …On Dancing
1-3 March, Performance Arcade, Wellington – SAUDADE, Neza Jamnikar. The Body Box, 1 – 3 Mar, 2.30 – 3.30PM/7-8PM. Review: Theatreview
28 Feb – 3 Mar, PerformanceArcade – THE WEIGHT OF AIR, Myles Avery, Kate Ladenheim (US), Wellington Waterfront
28 Feb – 3 Mar, PerformanceArcade – ANALOG OnSite, S J Ewing & Dancers (US/Aus), Wellington Waterfront
1-3 March, PerformanceArcade – AND THE EARTH SHIFTED BENEATH MY FEET, The Human Project Aotearoa, Wellington Waterfront
1 March, Ak Fringe – 999 Alchemist Trauma Centre/Power Centre, Alexa Wilson, Academy Cinema, Lorne Street 8pm. Reviews: DANZ Magazine; NZ Herald
1-2 March, Wellington – RNZB Choreographic Season, Royal NZ Ballet, Opera House. 7.30pm, 1.30pm Sat. Reviews: Theatreview; Theatrescenes; DANZ Magazine; …On Dancing; Financial Times (paywalled)
1-2 March, NZ Fringe, Wgtn – Lost Property, Table Torque, BATS – The Random Stage 6.30pm. Review: DANZ Magazine
1-3 March, Wellington – Hemispheres, Footnote NZ Dance and Guangdong Modern Dance Company (China), Soundings, 6.30pm, Koha. Review: Theatreview
1-3 March, NZ Fringe, Wgtn – Meander On, Opium Entertainment, Te Auaha, 2pm, 8pm. Review: DANZ Magazine
1-3 March, Ak Fringe – Desparate Late Night Energy, Basement Theatre, Review: Theatrescenes; DANZ Magazine
2-3 March, Hamilton Gardens AF – The Creamery, Java Dance Theatre. Pacific Crystal Palace, 6pm. Review: Theatreview
5-10 March, NZ Fringe, Wgtn – Nobody hears the axe fall, Choreoco by Footnote, Circa 2 @7.30pm except 10th at 4.30pm. Reviews: DANZ Magazine; Dominion Post/Stuff; Theatreview
6-9 March, NZ Fringe, Wgtn – Flying Down Sand Dunes, Well Fare State, BATS – The Heyday Dome. Review: Theatreview; DANZ Magazine
7 March, Ak Arts Fest – Blanc de Blanc (cirque/cabaret), Spiegeltent. Review: Theatreview
8-9 March, Christchurch – RNZB Choreographic Season, Isaac Theatre Royal 7.30/1.30 Sat. Reviews: The Press
8-10 March, Ak Arts Fest – As It Stands, Muscle Mouth, ASB Waterfront Theatre. Review: Theatreview; Theatrescenes; All My Own Words; DANZ Magazine
9-10 March, Ak Arts Fest – Blood Water Earth, Louise Potiki Bryant & Santee Smith, Te Uru. Review: All My Own Words
13-16 March, Auckland, Polyfest
14 March, Ak Arts Fest – BACKBONE, Gravity & Other Myths, ASB Theatre 8pm. Review: Theatreview
14-17 March, NZ Fringe – Girls Girls Girls, Bonnie Curtis Projects, Te Auaha 8pm & 9.30pm. Review: Theatreview
19-23 March, NZ Fringe, Wgtn – Discotheque, Missing Lids, Te Auaha, 7pm. Review: Theatreview (1); (2); (3)
20-21 March, Palmerston North Festival of Cultures 2019 – Shel We? Tupua Tigafua/Le Moana Productions, The Globe Theatre, 6pm on 20 &21/3, 1.30pm on 21/3. Review: Theatreview
20-23 March, NZ Fringe, Wgtn – SYSTEM, Muscle Mouth, Te Auaha. 8pm, Review: Theatreview
21-22 March, NZ Fringe – Au Ko Tuvalu, Fetu o le Aisa, BATS, 9pm. Review: Theatreview
21-23 March, Ak Arts Fest – Grand Finale, Hofesh Shechter, ASB Theatre. Reviews: Theatreview, Theatrescenes; NZ Herald
22-23 March, Dunedin Fringe – SOLILOQUY, Jess Quaid & Daniel James, The Octagon 9.30pm, 10.30pm. Reviews: Theatreview
23-24 March, Dunedin Fringe – MEAT, Dance Plant, 23rd @ 8pm, 24th@7pm venue TBA see Fringe website. Reviews: Theatreview
24 March, Dunedin Fringe – STROK/DANZ, King George Hall 4pm. Reviews: Theatreview
29-30 March, Dunedin Fringe – Once More With Feeling, Kosta Bogovieski, Josie Archer, David Huggins, Laurel, 5.30pm on 29th, 11am on 30th. Reviews: Theatreview
29-31 March, Dunedin Fringe – ON DISPLAY, Touch Compass with G.A.S.P. Various times and locations – see Fringe website.
30 March, Auckland – Alice in Wonderland, Melbourne City Ballet, Raye Freedman Centre, 7.30pm

Follow this link for dance events from April – June 2019

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