2020 NZ dance calendar Jan – March

23-24 Jan 2020, Auckland – Flamenco ensemble Tierra y Mar led by Paul Bosauder – Q Theatre Loft 8.30pm
26 Jan 2020, Wellington – Flamenco ensemble Tierra y Mar led by Paul Bosauder – Hannah Playhouse 8.30pm
24-26 Feb, Auckland, Summer at Q Festival – Emerald, Marina Tamayo & Aitor Hernandez, Q Theatre Loft, 6,30pm. Review – NZ Herald
20-21 Feb, HGAF – HINE, Nga Hine – Meteor Theatre, Hamilton Gardens, 8pm. Review – Theatreview
20-21 Feb, HGAF – Enough, Moving Parts NZ- Riverside Terrace, Hamilton Gardens, 8pm. Reviews: Theatreview, Stuff
22-24 Feb, Wellington, NZ Festival – Jerusalem, Mau – Opera House, 22nd 8pm 23rd 5pm. Reviews: Theatreview, Dominion Post
23-24 Feb, Wellington, NZ Festival – FLEXN, Reggie Gray and ensemble – Te Rauparaha Arena, 23rd 7pm/24th 6.30pm 
26 Feb, Wellington, NZ Festival – Goodbye Naughton, Aloalii Tapu and friends – Te Rauparaha Arena, 7pm
24-26 Feb, Auckland Fringe – Emerald, Marina Tamayo & Aitor Hernandez, TAPAC 9pm. Review: Theatreview
24-26 Feb, Auckland Fringe – Spaces Amongst Us (dir by Rebekkah Schoonbek-Berridge), TAPAC 7.30pm. Review: Theatreview
25-26 Feb, Auckland Fringe – This Fragile Planet, NZDC & The Conch (choreography Ross McCormack) – Town Hall 7pm (Fringe Town) Reviews: Theatreview 1, Theatrescenes, NZ Herald
25-28 Feb, Auckland Fringe – I Know What I’m Doing – Q Theatre Loft, 8.15pm. Review: Theatreview, NZ Herald
26 Feb, Auckland Fringe – Loose Change hiphop battle – Ellen Melville Centre, 7.30pm.
26-29 Feb, Wellington, NZ Fringe – Vivir (flamenco) – Circa Theatre.
27-29 Feb, HGAF – Three Little Words, Hannah McFarlane – Surrealist Garden, Hamilton Gardens. Review: Theatreview
27-29 Feb, Wellington, NZ Festival – In Search of Dinozord, Faustin Linkeyula – Soundings Theatre, Te Papa, 7.30pm. Review: Dominion Post
28 Feb – 2 March, Wellington NZ Fringe – Mind(Is)Full, Delaying Reality
29 Feb – 1 March, Auckland Fringe – Taurite, Hawakii Tu – Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall, 4pm. Review: NZ Herald
29 Feb, HGAF – Pulp, The Dust Palace – Harkness Henry Emporium, 8pm. Review: Theatreview
1 March, HGAF – This Fragile Planet, NZDC & The Conch (directed by Ross McCormack), Hamilton Gardens, Rhododendron Lawn, 11am & 2pm. Review: Theatreview (2)
2-6 March, Wgtn/NZFringe – Funk, Discotheque.BATS Random Stage 6.30pm. Review: Theatreview
3 MarchAucklandOne SeedRuby BruntonOld Folks, 6.30pm
3-7 MarchWgtn/NZFringeLift Off  
3-7 MarchAuckland/AAFFaceless Hair CrySofia McIntyreThe Basement, 6.30pm
5-8 MarchWellington/NZFMAMMichael Keegan-Dolan and Teaċ DaṁsaTSB Arena, 6.30pm
6-8 MarchWgtn/NZFringeThe Art of ObservationWi Dance 
7-10 MarchWgtn/NZFringeEnoughMoving Parts NZ 
10-15 MarchWgtn/NZFringeNew Dance GroupChoreoCoCirca Theatre, 7.30 daily, 4.30 on Sunday
11-13 MarchWellington/NZFTrois Grandes Fugues Opera House, 7.30pm
11- 14 MarchAuckland/AAFSnow WhiteBallet Preljocaj

Aotea Centre
7pm W/Th 8pm F/Sat 5pm Sun

11-15 MarchAuckland/AAFCold BloodKiss & Cry Collective ASB Waterfront Theatre 8pm
12-14 MarchWgtn/NZFringeSituations in PlayNZSD Graduate Company 
12-14 MarchWgtn/NZFringeUtopiaKit Reilly 
13-14 MarchWellington/NZFHokioi me te VwohaliOkareka Dance CompanySoundings Theatre, Te Papa, 8pm
13-15 MarchWellington/NZFStrasbourg 1518Borderline Arts EnsembleCirca Theatre, 6.30pm
17-21 MarchWgtn/NZFringeStepping UpDaniel NodderTe Auaha
Wgtn/NZFringeWgtn/NZFringeThursdayBorderline Arts EnsembleWellington Railway Station
18-21 MarchWgtn/NZFringeDazza & Keif GoViralTom Backhaus 
18-29 MarchAuckland/AAFVersesBlack GraceAuckland wide – times and venues change daily
26-28 MarchAuckland/AAFAcelereCircolombiaAotea Centre
Th/F/Sat – 7pm, Sun 4pm
18-22 MarchAuckland/AAFDimancheMichelle de Mey et alASB Waterfront Theatre, 8pm
18-29 MarchAuckland/AAFVersesBlack Graceone night stands around the region
19-20 MarchDunedin FringeThe Aerial ArboristChloe LoftusFirst Church of Otago, 8.30pm/9.30pm
20-21 MarchDunedin FringeTea TimeSt Johns Roslyn Anglican Church 6.30pm
21-22 MarchDunedin FringeThursdayBorderline Arts EnsembleDunedin Railway Station Foyer, noon & 2pm
23-26 MarchDunedin FringeOtepoti Hiphop HustleStarters Bar, 6pm
26-28 MarchAuckland/AAFAcelereCircolombiaThe Civic, 7pm
26 MarchDunedin FringeWhakaoraMayfair Theatre, 7pm

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