Lockdown notes

It will be around 23 April before we know how effective the NZ-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus has been. For the first 2-3 weeks, possibly more, we can expect the daily totals of infected and recovered people will rise; hopefully, after that we should start to see fewer infected people each day…

Some telling infographics worth looking at.

31 March: 647 confirmed cases. 14 clusters have been identified, and this number is growing: a wedding in Wellington (12), the World Hereford Conference in Queenstown (24), a bar in Matamata on St Patrick’s Day (23), Marist College in Auckland (48), a group trip to New York from Wellington (17), passengers from the Ruby Pricess cruise liner (4); Air Force Rugby team visit to US (9); group from Alzheimers Marlborough (6); Bluff wedding (8); Christchurch compost company Living Earth (19); Assisi rest Home, Hamilton (12)

29 March: NZ: 514 confirmed cases. First NZ death from coronavirus announced; 9 infected people in hospital [3 in Wellington Regional Hospital; one in Blenheim; one in Nelson; one in Whangarei; and one each in Waikato, Taranaki and Dunedin hospitals] ; 56 people have recovered.

Of the 514 confirmed cases: 177 (34.4 per cent) are within the three Auckland region DHB areas, 70 (13.6 per cent) are in the Southern DHB area, 63 (12.25 per cent) Waikato, and 62 (12 per cent) in the Wellington area DHBs.74.3 per cent are European; 7.3 per cent are Asian; 4 per cent are Maori; 2.9 per cent are Middle Eastern, Latin American or African; and 2.3 per cent are Pasifika.

24 March 2020: There have now been more than 8300 Covid-19 tests completed in New Zealand. Today there were 40 new cases of coronavirus, plus three new probable cases, making a total of 155 confirmed or probable cases. One is in an Auckland rest home. Six people are in hospital but have not needed ICU treatment. 12 people have recovered. Four cases were being classified as ‘community transmission’ – one in the Wairarapa, and three in Auckland.

By comparison:

New York State on 23 March had 20,000 positive COVID-19 cases, 5,000 new overnight. 13% of the 20,940 cases resulted in hospitalization, with 157 fatalities.

 China reported no new local cases of coronavirus and life is slowly returning to normal after a two-month lockdown

Worldwide: Confirmed cases 381,499; Deaths 16,557; Recovered 101,794 (Source: Johns Hopkins University data last updated 2020-03-23)

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