2020 NZ Dance Calendar April to June

4-5 April – Hansel & Gretel (2019), The Royal NZ Ballet – Facebook Live (streaming). Reviews: Theatreview (1), (2), (3)
11-13 April – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2015), The Royal NZ Ballet – Facebook Live (streaming). Reviews: Theatreview (1), (2) (3)
16 April – Mass Solitude (2019), Footnote NZ Dance & Guandong Modern Dance Company, Facebook Live, 7pm. Review: Theatreview
16 – 24  April – The Statement, Nederlands Dance Theatre, Marquee TV (streaming). Review: Theatreview
19 – 21 April – Cinderella, The Royal NZ Ballet – Facebook Live (streaming)
24 – 26 April – Broken Wings, English National Ballet, Facebook/YouTube (streaming).
Review: Theatreview (1), (2)
for Tempo TV details go to their Facebook page
1 – 2 May – Dust (2015), English National Ballet, Facebook Live (streaming)
1 – 2 May – Apollo, New York City Ballet Digital Spring Season, Facebook Live (streaming)
1-2 May – The Beginning of Nature, ADT – ADAPT Season, Vimeo (streaming)
15-16 May – Be Your Self – ADT ADAPT Season, Vimeo (streaming)
25 May  – Sent from my iPhone, Rosa Strati et al, Tempo TV 2020 (streaming)
Review: Theatreview
27-31 May – MAID, Nadia Milford, Tempo TV (streaming)
28-31 May – Ballet & Breakfast with Loughlan Prior, TempoTV (streaming)
29-30 May – G (aka Giselle), ADT ADAPT Season, Vimeo
for Tempo TV details go to their Facebook page
1-3 June from 9-10pm ONLY – Cutout with JoLloyd, TempoTV (streaming)
2/10/7/24 June from 7.30-8.30pm ONLY – RCA with Simon Watts, TempoTV (streaming)
3-6 June – Il Divo, Bjorn Aslund, TempoTV (streaming)
12-13 June – Devolution, ADT ADAPT SEason, Vimeo (streaming)
18 June – Bolero, Christopher Wheeldon and dancers from the Royal Ballet (UK). Review: Theatreview
24 June – Pacific Dance NZ Transform series launch, Facebook Live 1pm. Ten video performances comprise the series. Dates and times can be found on Facebook Live and clips on demand on their YouTube channel.
25& 26 June – Ura Tabu on Tempo TV from 7pm to 7pm.
26 & 27 June – FUNK (AD) – return season of Best of Fringe 2020 dance show at BATS, 6.30pm. Wellington. Real LIVE performance! Numbers strictly limited. Book online or by email to book@bats.co.nz or call 04 802 4175.
26 & 27 June – Held, ADT ADAPT Season. Featuring Sarah Jayne Howard and RossMcCormack. https://adt.org.au/adapt/ Time etc TBA
29& 30 June – Beautiful Anger, Anu Kapung. Tempo TV. 10am on 29th to midnight 30th.

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