Loose cattle

wandering cows

leave a mess behind them

cow pats are undesirable as fertiliser
best left to dry out before you attempt removal

hungry cows (and bulls, calves, steer)
seek out fresh grass and other foraging sources
(will graze on low-growing regenerating native bush
as well as grass) within the local area

they will exploit any gaps, breaks or missing bits
of fence to assuage their hunger

farmers are not always aware
they have wandering stock
even when there are 10 cows wandering together
and/or a couple of cows accompanied by a calf

AWOL cows
might not be missed for a few days
the farmer may not be in any hurry to retrieve them

and may not get them all in one go
or even for a couple of days

cows on the roads are a problem
in South Hokianga
around Waima and Omanaia and Taheke
and on the unsealed roads
at Opara/Wharekawa from time to time…


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