Summer is ending

The swallows (warou) are moving away
now the cooler weather
is arriving
but a small number
remain nearby
and bring joy
as they dash across the sky
I miss their irrepressible antics
and circular swooping
in our courtyard
and all the way down to the harbour.
But the piwakawaka
have returned
endlessly chasing tiny bugs and flies
and mama pheasant is making forays
closer to the house
and the pipits are
making the most of freedom
without swallows overhead.
Preying mantids are
swarming ferociously on our windows
attracted by light at night
along with moths
(though almost no puriri moths this year).
Possums are keeping our traps
occupied most nights
along with rats
and there are mice in the garage
An AT220 self-resetting trap
has joined the roster
near the nikau grove
and is very effective.
The Milky Way is back over the house
and the skies
are mostly clear in dead of night
when Derek goes out
to survey the heavens
and the extraordinary
current line-up of planets
(that is his photo above).

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