About Raewyn Whyte – writer, editor, remote copy editor, indexer, writing coach

I am based in New Zealand, up to 13 hours ahead of the rest of the world, This time advantage means I can work with documents written elsewhere while the writer is asleep — returning the documents cleaned and ready for the next step, the next day, by arrangement. I have extensive experience as a technical writer, editor/proofreader and indexer.

I am a remote editor/proofreader and time shifting/teleworker for BookSprints Limited  and have edited more than 60 collaboratively produced books for them. And I am a copy editor for Coko – the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation. I am a freelance indexer, and occasionally accept commissions for projects which make use of my skills and experience as a writer, dance critic, lecturerand writing coach.

From 2011- January 2021, I was the Dance Editor of Theatreview, a New Zealand performing arts archive, responsible for managing the national network of dance reviewers and maintaining dance production records and reviews. 

I  have extensive experience in all of the following areas, and seek new opportunities:
— remote copy editing,  indexing, technical writing and editing including submissions, proposals, letters; manuals; reports; white papers; course design and creation; indexes
— third-party editing, theses and dissertations
— content research and development, collaborative writing processes
— performing arts writing (feature articles, profile interviews, previews, reviews, backgrounders, explainers)

Contact me: raewyn@allmyownwords.co.nz

I  have extensive experience as a dance critic,  in print and as a live commentator for radio, as an editor of performing arts reviews for Theatreview, and as a leader of writing workshops. I have worked freelance as a critic since 1983, at various times writing for a number of small publications (such as Agenda magazine, W5, and That other Magazine), and as dance critic for for The Dominion daily newspaper (Wellington, New Zealand, 1983-87), NZ Listener weekly magazine (1984-87; 1992-95), and The Georgia Straight weekly newspaper (Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1987-89).   I have contributed dance reviews and feature articles to the NZ Herald daily newspaper (Auckland, NZ) since 2005.

I provide writing coaching and project support to private clients and also academic support for papers nearing publication. I have well-developed skills and knowledge of strategic analysis, policy development, communications campaigns, policy advice. I make a good sounding board/think-tank contributor and writing coach. Perhaps I can assist with your project development? Find more information on my LinkedIn page

Contact me: raewyn@allmyownwords.co.nz