What is remote copy editing?

Remote editing is completed online or by email

I login to your blog or website to clean up your text.
Alternately, you send me a file to edit for you, and I return it by email.

I work while you sleep

I live in New Zealand, up to a day ahead of the rest of the world.
I am:

  •  2-4 hours ahead of Australia
  • 5 hours ahead of Hong Kong and Singapore
  • 11 hours ahead of South Africa and most of Europe
  • 15-21 hours ahead of the Americas

I can clean up your text while you sleep.

Quick results

Depending on the length of your text, your document can be cleaned right away, turned around overnight so you have it at the start-of-day, or ready at an agreed date and time.

Copy editing, text cleaning

I “clean” your text by removing typographical errors and correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Where needed, I make structural improvements, harmonise “voice”, and ensure your intended meaning is clear.

Blog maintenance is a specialty, as are academic dissertations and theses needing only a final check before submission.

Comments toward revisions

If you prefer, in addition to cleaning the text, I will read and comment, highlight the text needing attention, and report back to you with queries and suggestions, leaving you to make the actual revisions yourself.

Document length, genre, format

I work on any text, from a sentence to a book, and on any kind of document, from poetry or a letter to dissertations, submissions, manuals and anthologies.

I have experience with a wide range of formats:

  • website content, social media and marketing material, e-newsletters
  • reviews, profile and feature articles
  • handbooks, manuals, operations guides
  • submissions
  • essays, dissertations, monographs, textbooks, anthologies,

I have experience with a wide array of subjects related to economic and social development, corporate systems, Big Data, best practice and ethical practices, collaborative knowledge development, education policy, and the performing arts.

How can I help you?

Please contact me with a description of the work you need to have completed, and when the edited text is needed by. Please provide the address of your blog or website, if the text is online, or email me a sample of no more than 2000 words to help me estimate likely costs and turnaround time.

Services will be provided on either on the basis of word count + document type OR a per minute basis, to be agreed. Blog maintenance can also be provided on a monthly rate., Payments made via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Send inquiries to: raewyn@allmyownwords.co.nz