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Articles and  Reviews

Review: Tassel Me This and eye – Q Theatre Loft
Published in NZ Herald on 20 October 2014
A rich and memorable weekend
Two richly developed productions from the closing weekend of Tempo 2014 leave memorable images behind them. Presented in Q Loft, both have had thorough attention given to every element they make use of, and both have charismatic performers who keep the audience attention on them at all times.  Read the review

Review:  FRESH Showcase 2014 – Q Theatre Loft
Published in NZ Herald on 13 October 2014
Tempo Dance Festival 2014 presents FRESH
In the FRESH showcase at Tempo Dance Festival 2014, the communication of ideas through the dancing body is still the primary focus of this new generation of dance artists, but the ways in which that body dances are divergent.  Read the review

Review: BBE The Night Sky Returns – Q Theatre, Auckland
Published in Theatreview on 3 October 2014
Exuberant, enterprising, cosmic extravaganza
Q Theatre’s Rangatira auditorium takes on the guise of planetarium for The Blackbird Ensemble’s enterprising, exuberant, cosmically themed extravaganza The Night Sky, with a 28 member big band playing an extraordinary array of mostly contemporary vocal music against a backdrop of similarly extraordinary visuals.  Read the review

Review:  Short+Sweet Dance 2014 – Programme 1 at TAPAC, Auckland
Published in Theatreview on 17 September 2014
Celebrating the dance experience
Ultimately, the standout work is Vivian Hosking-Aue’s Opaque delivered by a considerably experienced group of nine men whose performance is electrifying, with terrific contemporary/hiphop/commercial fusion choreography rotating their talents, leaving room for fantastic physical tricks, and providing a surprise ending, capping off the mayhem with a schmaltzy group serenade delivered to an apparently random woman from the audience.
Read the review

Review: Mana Wahine by Okareka Dance Company at Q Theatre, Auckland
Published in Theatreview on 3 July 2014
Epic in scale, abstract in nature, and a rich fusion of elements
… Mana Wahine is above all a rich fusion of choreography, music, tikanga Maori and performance practices, AV, lighting and performance design. These elements are enriched and enlivened by the dancing of five powerhouse performers – Nancy Wijohn, Bianca Hyslop, Maria Munkowits, Jana Castillo and Chrissy Kokiri, each of whom bring their own particular qualities to the work.  Read the review

Review: Dance at NZ Festival 2014
Commissioned by DANZ/published in Danz Magazine #36 July 2014
Dance that engages with body mind and spirit
… The closing days of the festival brought Age, a surreal, visceral, poignant, virtuosic dance-theatre work exploring an array of themes and issues to do with the three ages of man, the impact of isolation on family life, intergenerational relationships, and the way our domestic ties can be
unbreakably binding.

Review: Coppelia by The Royal New Zealand Ballet at Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna
Published in Theatreview on 25 May 2014
Delivered with aplomb
Act 2 brings the audience alight, with events  inside the house of Dr  Coppelius moving at a steady pace and taking unexpected turns, with trickery and subversion, a little drunkenness, lots of laughs, and some very regrettable damage done. All of this hinges  on anticipation,
misbelief, and illusion, with  live-sized dolls apparently coming to life, with a notable performance by Paul Mathew as the automaton Limbless. Events end with some regettable damage being left behind in the studio, along with a clear apprehension of reality for all.  Read the review

Review:  MOKO by Atamira Dance Company at Sky City Theatre, Auckland
Podcast of live broadcast commissioned by Upbeat, Radio New Zealand Concert and broadcast on 11 April 2014
Listen to podcast

Review: Apt Y Idos by Black Sheep Productions at Q Theatre  Loft, Auckland
Published in Theatreview on 10 April 2014
Disconnection, dissociation and detachment
The degree to which you respond to this work as a timely warning, or reject it as “just another dance ” will no doubt depend on your own degree of reliance on your cell phone and Facebook and other digital devices and the relationships they make possible. Still, it raises issues which can only be addressed one person at a time, and it would seem hopeful that the work can have some salutary effect.

Read the review

Preview article: Two major dance works coming in April
Published 8 April 2014 in NZ Herald
Moko honours the physical and spiritual transformation that occurs during the process of becoming tattooed. A large lycra sheet tethered by ropes, created by set designer Robin Rawstorne, is at its centre, transforming from screen to sculptural object, and shifting position as the dancers shift the ropes. Motion-triggered projections by Dan Mace and Puck Murphy are co-ordinated with a soundscore by Peter Hobbs.
Read the article

Review: AGE choreographed by Ross McCormack for Muscle Mouth, presented during NZ Festival 2014 at Soundings Theatre, Wellington. Podcast of live broadcast commissioned by Upbeat, Radio New Zealand Concert and broadcast on 14 March 2014
Listen to the podcast

Review: Frame of Mind  Ariel Middlemiss, Whitireia Performance Centre, Street, Wellington.
Published in Theatreview on 1 March 2014.
Short snappy suite for dance collective debut
A very tall man has excellent loft and beautiful alignment, and his leaps and spin turns are nonchalantly tossed off, belying the difficulty level. His much shorter counterpart also is competent at leaps and spins, and on several occasions brings in a slick, assured, flirtatious persona. The women appear to be equally capable at everything – acrobatic manoeuvres, high kicks, rapid rolls, tight spins, flirtation, annoyance and sadness.

Read the review

Review: Purple Rainbow choreographed by Lara Fischel-Chisholm and Thomas Sainsbury for Dynamotion, presented during Auckland Pride Festival 2014 at The Basement, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland.
Published in Theatreview on 12 February 2014
Formulaic yet innovative
Singularly coloured individuals make wonderful use of their faces in comic-book style. The dancing is so slick and coordinated, and their individual contributions so wonderfully styled, that you have to just sit back and admire them – and accept whatever mayhem follows. Fortunately, there’s a pre-recorded voiceover that confirms the narrative thread.

Read the review

Feature Article: Attaining visibility, viability and sustainability? Creating a New Zealand dance industry
Commissioned by DANZ. Published in Danz Quarterly Issue 34 Summer 2014, p10-11
Creative activity is at the core of the industry, and it is it is possible to illustrate the growth and increasing diversity in professional dance production over this twenty year period by considering annual performance listings at the start (1992), end (2012), and midpoint (2002), of that twenty year period, as shown in the tables below.  These tables identify common programme structures, percentages of works touring, genres of works presented, and the location in which these productions were developed.  [NB: Each production is counted once only, regardless of the number of performances.]

Exhibition curation

Exhibition: Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra: Auckland Dance Project – selected images 2011-2013
Co-curated with Linda Ashley. at The Corridor Space, 135 Dominion Road, Auckland. Commissioned by Albert-Eden Local Board Office, Auckland Council. Running 4 April – 9 May 2014

Exhibition: Touch Compass – selected images
Co-curated (with Linda Ashley) at The Corridor Space, 135 Dominion Road, Auckland. Commissioned by Albert-Eden Local Board Office, Auckland Council.  Running  14 February – 26 March 2014

Editing Projects

Book Sprint – remote copy editing/final proofreading
F5 Operations Guide on F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) and Global Traffic Manager (GTM) Version 1.0 (Seattle, Washington – December 2014)
This Operations Guide epub for two F5 Big-IP modules was written by a team of F5’s technical trainers, network engineers, mentors, tech support and trouble shooters from throughout the US. The Guide is intended to assist users of two F5 products which manage traffic on very large networks.  The GTM makes load balancing decisions for systems all over the US and the World (think including Cloud control);  the LTM manages network traffic coming into and out of a local area network including the intranet.

Book Sprint – remote copy editing/final proofreading
Nameless (Abuja, Nigeria – November 2014)
This book of short stories was created by nine Nigerian writers as a kind of citizen’s guide to the upcoming elections, with the theme “The Future We Want in Nigeria.”  The writers identified the most pressing issues of Nigeria before the elections 2015, described the present situation and developed worst-case and best-case scenarios for the future. Our first Fiction Book Sprint! 2,000 copies were printed immediately after in a first print run, the book was presented at the Ake Arts & Books Festival and made available to download  here.

Book Sprint – remote copy editing/final proofreading
Understanding Power Purchase Agreements (Jersey City, New Jersey – November 2014)
This best practice guide was written by an international team with funding from USAID and support from the Commercial Law Development Program of the US Department of Commerce under President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative. This initiative aims to increase access to electrical power throughout Africa by bringing together resources from both the private sector and public sector. As part of the initiative, CLDP is working at the direction of USAID to improve the legal and regulatory environment for power projects in Power Africa countries. The team of writers was facilitated by Book Sprints and the book has subsequently been published in French. The English version can be can be downloaded as an epub or PDF,  here.

Book Sprint – remote copy editing and final proofreading
Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) troubleshooting guide
(Silicon Valley, California – October 2014)
This troubleshooting guide provides problem resolution insights from Cisco engineers and provides technical documentation for the Cisco’s newly developed ACI technology. It was written by a team of 8 Cisco engineers with facilitation from Book Sprints . A print version was recently published by CISCO.

Book Sprint – remote copy editing/final proofreading
A Country Mining Vision Guidebook: Domesticating the Africa Mining Vision
(Debre Zeit, Ethiopia – September 2014)
Funded by the United National Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and GIZ, a team of 22 African experts came together to write a practical handbook which could provide each country’s mining decision makers and stakeholders with clear and simple guidelines and options for aligning their mining policies to the goals and objectives of the  Africa Mining Vision . Keys to the AMV are the creation of a single minerals market for Africa; the integration of mining into development policies, industrial and trade policies at national, regional and local levels; equitable distribution of profits to ensure that workers and communities see real benefits from large-scale industrial mining and that their environment is protected. The AMV, when fully instituted, will see Africa moving from being an exporter of cheap raw materials to being a manufacturer and supplier of knowledge-based services. The book development process was facilitated by Book Sprints.

Book Sprint – remote copy editing/final proofreading
On Book Sprints (Berlin, Germany – May 2014)
Six people with experience of Book Sprints (3 Sprinters, 2 facilitators, and a researcher) came together in Berlin to reflect on the process of the Book Sprint as a form of collaborative engagement and knowledge production, the enabling environment created, the phases of development, and create checklists for future use  by Sprint teams.

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